About Us

Welcome to The Sharper Pixel: A Graphic Design Blog for the creative type.  This website focuses on making a living in the creative world as a professional graphic designer.

We are HUGE fans of Adobe Photoshop, so that is the software you’ll find us using and sharing information about.  With that being said, we also subscribe to the Adobe Creative Suite that includes design software such as Adobe Illustrator and Premiere.

We believe that the creative landscape is changing, and that by adapting to the creative needs of businesses, you can ensure a long-lasting career in graphic design.

This website focuses on graphic design tips, tutorials, and advice for the working creative professional.

From the best Photoshop resources to tips about using stock photography, we believe that graphic designers with an edge come out on top.  Please follow the Sharper Pixel on YouTube for the latest creative design videos and tutorials!

Thank you for joining us on a lifelong journey as a graphic designer, with all of the victories (and failures) that happen in between!