Lead Intelligence Software Tools for B2B Marketing and Sales Teams

Lead intelligence is pretty sneaky by nature, but guess what? B2B Marketers and sales teams are using visitor tracking software to collect data on your online behavior right now! Lead generation is big business, and there are many powerful lead intelligence tools available

Today’s marketers can get an unfair advantage over their competitors by capturing as much data as possible on their prospects. Sales teams can export the data into their existing CRM, and accelerate their lead generation efforts.

In this blog post, I’ll explain why lead intelligence is an essential inbound marketing strategy for businesses, and the software currently available to get the job done.  When sales teams are quickly presented with the key details they need to close, these tools become a pivotal stage of your outbound marketing strategy.

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What is Lead Intelligence?

Lead intelligence is all about uncovering as much data about your website visitors as possible. This can include everything from location to specific contact information about the user. This lets you communicate with the users that don’t fill out a contact form.

What differentiates lead intelligence from basic analytics (such as Google Analytics), is the lead prospecting power of data mining key information about who is visiting your site.

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Sales and marketing teams who already utilize effective inbound marketing strategies have likely experienced some level of lead intelligence before. A dedicated website visitor tracking software can provide an even deeper look into the users, right down to revealing the company names and annual revenues.

This information is vitally important to sales teams looking to reach out to warm b2b prospects with a targetted approach. Lead intelligence software provides you with the following powerful data for B2B prospecting:

  • What pages the visitor has viewed
  • What types of content the visitor looked at
  • Company name and location
  • Company size and number of employees
  • Annual company revenue

Why it’s important for B2B lead generation

For Sales Prospecting

Your sales team needs to keep their pipeline full so they can do what they do best, sell!  So why would you have sales spend any more time searching through unfiltered lead data then they have to?  Lead intelligence software does the heavy lifting for them, so they get just the key details they need to close.

Sales teams can export the data they need into their existing CRM and assign staff to warm leads as they see fit. Whether your team uses Salesforce, Pipedrive or any of the other popular customer management tools, lead intelligence software was designed to work hand in hand with CRM’s.

Here is a great video showing the Leaq IQ prospecting tool in action:

For B2B Marketing Teams

B2B marketers can benefit from lead intelligence by observing and monitor user behavior and patterns on your existing content. The way these prospects engage with your content can paint a clear picture of the questions your target audience is asking.

This presents a window into the buying stage of your visitors and is a great way to validate new and existing content.  Analytics show you where users are going, but a lead intelligence tool tells you exactly who is interested your content.  It’s an effective inbound marketing strategy that allows you to better understand your prospective clients.

Lead Intelligence Software Options

For a detailed review of the best lead intelligence software options available, have a look at the reviews featured on G2Crowd.  They break down each of these lead generation tools listed below based on grid scoring from satisfaction to market presence.

Some of these companies offer free tools for lead intelligence such as chrome extensions so you can try out the software on a basic level. The Growlabs Connector is a popular free chrome plugin for lead generation. Downloading a trial version of these software tools in the form of a browser plugin is a smart way to try before you buy.

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I have included the UVP (Unique value proposition) for each company, to give you a taste of what each of these lead intelligence tools does best.


Every business runs on technology. We know who needs yours.

Lead IQ

Where Your Next Deal Starts.


Your first degree connection to any professional.

Clickback WEB

We know the companies who visit your website but don’t contact you.


Turn cold leads into warm sales conversions.


B2B Data as a Service Platform for All Contact Data Needs.

In Conclusion

Sales and marketing teams should have all of the tools needed for successful lead generation at their disposal.  I highly recommend adding a lead intelligence software tool to your tech stack, to start uncovering hidden leads that are visiting your website.  The tools listed above can provide useful insights into your prospects, so you can effectively reach out to them at the right time.

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